Why I am starting a newsletter in 2020

March 18, 2020

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I am starting a newsletter to connect with my social media friends and to stay in touch with them. I want to document my professional life journey. Share important milestones with you.

I want us to be long term friends. Not a soulless entity on social media.

Right now I plan to write about technical content on my blog that I will share here. In future, I will be writing about freelancing/consulting, remote work and much more.


Giving back to the community

I was a miserable dropout who didn't know what to do with my life. I used to browse Quora all day without doing anything. There I read about some people's experience how they made it despite being dropouts. These were average people like me who sucked at everything. Still, they made something good out of their life by a bit of hard work and perseverance. That gave me a different perspective and a new direction to try. I turned around my life quite a bit. Now I am out of troubled waters, I also want to share my story.

It would have been never possible without these people who guided me, gave me advice and helped me.

💰 Big bucks came from personal network 🤑

Money is an important aspect of every decision I make. Last two years all the work came through LinkedIn and personal network. People whom I met at conferences, meetups and other places. As a freelancer, it's the most important aspect of my work life. Sadly I lost touch with a lot of these people. I don't want this to happen in future.

Platforms rise and fall

We have become dependent on social media giants to stay connected. I want people to be directly connected to me rather than being at the mercy of evil platforms and their policies. It first happened with Facebook. They are reducing organic reach day by day. Then Medium started a paywall and you can't access content from your favourite content creators. What's next Twitter, LinkedIn?

Let's take back control to us.

Learning in public

Sometimes back I read about Shawn Wang's concept of 'Learn in public'. If you wait to become an expert to share your knowledge. Chances are you probably never will. Its a journey. You start somewhere and end up becoming an expert as a result. I want to start now.

There are a lot of reasons which won't be possible to state here for starting this direct communication. I am a bit scared. I have observed more hardworking and smart people than I quit. Do I have what it takes to make it as an individual? I don't know. We will find out in future. I want to explore this. I also want the support of good people in my network while I am doing this.

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