Kapil Gorve

Hi, I'm Kapil.

Freelance Web developer working in Javascript stack. My journey with web started from tinkering css in dev tools. Then I did some design work and came back to web dev. I have worked on a variety of projects on web and mobile apps from design to development. I am a full stack developer and designer.

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What I do

I provide freelance services specializing in frontend development. I started my frontend career with AngularJS and right now working with React. I'm also familiar with other frontend frameworks. I build MVPs, prototypes. I believe in choosing the best tool for the job. I build backends using NodeJs and NoSQL database MongoDB.

Tech Stack: React,Redux,ReactNative, GatsbyJs, NodeJs, MongoDB, Typescript,.

Why hire me?

Hiring freelancers and getting work done isn't easy. Not everyone has had good experience dealing with freelancers. There are lot of obstacles in communication, process and progress tracking. I am a good listener and has observed complaints in freelance space. Having worked with startups, I have realized pain points of hiring freelancers. I have modified my work style, ethics, pricing structure, tools, delivery methods to address these issues. So when you consider to hire me, you have to only worry about the product itself.


Frontend Development

Frontend Development

Web Development

Web Development

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

Mobile App Developement using Ionic,React Native , Corodva

Mobile Apps



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