Move/Install WSl distro from C drive to another drive

April 26, 2020


I have a small 128GB SSD. I run out of space when I install ReactNative related dev tools. So I wanted to find a way to install/move my existing distro to different location than C drive.

Move WSL to another drive

  • Install LxRunOffline tool. choco install lxrunoffline
  • lxrunoffline list List all the installed distros on your system. I get output like this.

    Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19041.207]
    (c) 2020 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
    D:\work>lxrunoffline list
  • lxrunoffline move -n Ubuntu-18.04 -d G:\wsl\ . Move your distro to another drive. My distro name here is Ubuntu-18.04. I am moving it to G drive and wsl folder inside it. It would take some time to finish moving.

You can use the same move command to move your distro from default location to a different location inside C Drive.

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